Data and big data analytics are becoming the life's blood of business. Data scientists and data analysts as well as engineers and developers with the skills to work with big data technologies are sought after and well-compensated. For example, there was a 123.60% jump in demand for Information Technology Project Managers with big data expertise, and an 89.8% increase for Computer Systems Analysts who know big data. According to Forbes, The median salary for professionals with big data expertise is $103,000 a year.

If you're looking for a way to get an edge -- whether job hunting, job promotion or just want tangible, third-party proof of your skills – big data certification is a great option. Certifications measure your knowledge and skills against industry- and vendor-specific benchmarks to prove to employers that you have the right skillset.

ZHTECH University’s Certified Big Data Analyst credential is the industry’s most meaningful and credible certification program. Your achievement of the ZHTECH University credential tells the world—including current and prospective employers—that you are serious about big data. Let your résumé show that your in-depth knowledge has been certified by our professors, the industry’s premier provider of Data Sciences, data warehousing (DW), and analytics education. You’ll gain competitive advantage and open up opportunities down the road.

The certificate consists of four courses:

  • CS560    Big Data Fundamental
  • CS502    Advanced Database Systems
  • CS561    Big Data Engineering
  • CS562    Big Data Analytics

The whole Big Data certificate program lasts 4 months through intensive teaching, training and lab exercise. However, you can pick up any course to start with if you are prepared. Each course consists of three units ($550/unit) and costs $1650.  If you take all four courses for the program, the fee will be $6,600.

Please fill out the inquiry form to proceed. You can book the class online using credit card and make a partial payment of $60 to reserve your seat for the class. You can then pay the rest amount no later than one week before the class begins.

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